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  Updated: 10 May 2020


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Operation theatres measuring temperature by 0.2 C accuracy

Trelleborgs Hospital has recently installed temperature sensors for precision measurement. The sensors are equipped with measuring units from Automatikprodukter.

The installation has been done with a 4-wire circuit which is converted via a measurement transducer to 0-10V.

Technical data for the measurement transducer:

  • Zero Drift + / -0.01% / C or + / -0.002 C / C

  • Span Drift + / -0.0005% / C or + / -0.01 C / C

The 4-wire connection is used where the wire resistance causes measurement errors, and where higher standards of accuracy is required.

In a 4-wire connection one wire pair used for power supply of the sensor and the other wire pair is used for voltage measurement.

The measuring bridge is högohmig and thus no current flows in the measurement wires and hence no voltage drop due to wire resistance.



Academic Hospital, Uppsala
A health promoting hospital primarily adds its focus on good treatment and care of patients and has installed oxygen sensors to detect early hypoxia.

Two different levels of alarm signals are used



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