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  Updated: 13 Nov 2018


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Fish farming Island choose careful temperature controlling  0.1 C

Breeding Fish in so-called compensation cultures requires extremely accurate temperatures to prevent the fish from dying. During summer and autumn the salmon migrate from the sea and up to the rivers to spawn.

The fish are caught with notes in the expanded river and are stored until mature in pools with a continuous water flow using precise water temperature.

The solution was a special sensor with 0.1 degree accuracy and a 4-wire connection linked to an industrial transformer from the AP.

AP always find solutions for temperature control.


Atlas-Copco save energy with the BMS controller

The BMS controller saves money, perfect for ROOT / energy optimization.

Use existing sensors and actuators, regardless of make for fast optimization of heatcenters and air handling units. Only exchange of controllers alt. BMS controllers in automation lockers.

The BMS controller provides great cost benefits and is the perfect solution for modernization, replacement and energy saving measures.

The energy optimized Miljö-Ducen is freely programmable and is designed for heating and air plant installations.

The Duc is mounted in close proximity to the plant which is to be controlled.

The BMS controller has optional universal inputs and outputs that contribute to great flexibility in design and installation.

The flexibility and the capacity of MiljöDucen make it possible for the BMS controller to work stand-alone or be integrated as control and communication devices in both small and large networks eg LonWorks, Citect, Fix, ITFOS etc.

The software modules in the BMS controller series make it possible to precisely adapt solutions after current needs.

The desired combinations of inputs and outputs include analogue, digital or pulse inputs and 0-10V or digital outputs, all optional as needed via switchable jumper.

The programming is done through the graphic programming tool ETV 5.


ETV 5 has 255 functional modules, making it easy to adapt the BMS controller to different types of control-, automation- and monitoring tasks.

With function modules, configuration is quick, easy and efficient - like building LEGO.

In addition to the time-saving programming tool ETV 5, you save your control application in macro functions for reuse of specific solutions which are freely programmable for the next system or facility.

The saved macros can be downloaded in no time in the BMS controller, instead of building new applications, a quick and secure management of information with significant cost advantages.

It is more fun to work effectively with the BMS controller, when you save 49% of your time when configurating and starting up.

The basic idea behind the programming tool ETV 5 has been increased productivity and to facilitate the work of system units, consultants, installers, property managers and technicians.

For cost reduction and faster processing - try the MiljöDuc, it pays.


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