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  Updated: 13 Nov 2018


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AP controls the temperature in lounge areas and toilets in the new football stadium in Gothenburg, former Gamla Ullevi.
In order to satisfy visitors' requests, you can easily by a panel adjust the indoor climate.

At the same time staff can manage the general climate control.

Each room is connected with superior controls for building and automation to adapt to the best energy saving.

The football stadium has:

  • Around 14 200 seats, including 2 400 combined seats

  • Around 3 800 standing rooms

  • Commercial space of about 2 500 mē

  • 17 outlets

  • Lounge area for lease of about 1 100 mē including
    27 lodges

  • 15 toilet units for ladies

  • 15 toilet units for getlemen

  • 2 large screens

The new football stadium in Gothenburg, former "Gamla Ullevi"

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