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 Updated: 10 May 2020



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MPC Series Full featured communicating Zone Controller.


This CPU based Zone Controller MPC can be configured for a wide variety of control strategies with over 300 parameters with several settings.

Use for heat pumps, air handlers, fan coils, baseboard control, simple zone control, freezers, heaters.... you name it.

Various configurations of I/O for low and line voltage applications, up to 5 relay outputs & 2 modulating outputs.

Any output can be assigned to any stage of heating and/or cooling.

Relay outputs can be set up for on/off, PWM and floating control modes of operation.

2 analog inputs can be set up as external temperature sensors, changeover sensor for two & four pipe applications, clock override, occupancy sensor, freeze protect, defrost control, open window interlock, C02 control, free cooling.

Clients ask if it can be used for xxxxx application and generally the answer is 'no problem'.

If we're missing some features let us know and we'll add them.

Integration is easily accomplished with our fully documented parameter listand simple Modbus protocol, Bacnet coming soon.

A full featured, open source front end is available for free.

For clients with their own programmer resources we can load your proprietary firmware into the controller.


MPR/MPC with graphic LCD display







Ask about our OEM service:
We have created countless customized versions of this product for our clients which we do not show on the web site:

  • various enclosures

  • LCD displays

  • touch screens

  • different keypad arrangements and

  • communications protocols.

Universal Configureable Fan Coil Controller MPC


The Fan Coil Controller MPC is a highly configureable native Modbus Advanced Application Controller for direct control of air conditioning zone control applications.

By configuring the nearly 300 parameters, the MPC controllers can be set up nearly any application including three speed fancoils, air handlers, heat pumps, vav and regular on/off or modulating valves.

All parameters and status of MPC are available for read/write control by using Modbus RTU protocol over the RS485 network.

Range of applications
Direct 240Vac or 24Vac line voltage terminal connections are provided for 1,2, or 3 speed fans.

Room temperature can be a standard 10K sensor (mounted remotely) or the built-in one.

The MPC can be powered with either 24Vac or 12Vdc, power consumption is 1VA max.


The 3 line voltage capable fan relays are rated at 220V, 6Amps.

Then there are two outputs normally used for valves or dampers, these can be solid state relays or small 1Amps relays.

These two outputs can be configured in simple on/off mode.

PWM mode or floating mode to suit a wide-range of fan coil unit applications.

For modulating dampers and valves there are models available with two analogue 0 to 10V outputs.

The MPC display can be configured to show just the setpoint or actual room temperature.

Many keypad configurations are available according to the building owner´s requirements.

The local keypad menu system can allow building managers to do ertain maintenance procedures directly or can be disabled completely.

The MP allows sequence modification as required by the design engineer or building owner.

It provides simple, easy-to-install fan coil control solutions for office buildings, hospitals, hotels, industrial or residential buildings.


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