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  Updated: 13 Nov 2018


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Preventing fire and smoke from spreading via air ducts

Absolute safety in emergency situations

RAF actuators for fire protection dampers are used at the interface between highly integrated security and people.

They work extremely reliably even in emergency situations.

The spring return functions return them reliably to the zero position if the thermal fuse melts, a power failure occurs or the operating power is switched off.

In these cases, the fire protection dampers are shut, thus preventing smoke and flames from spreading through the connected air ducts.

Powerful for opening and closing
The RAF actuators come in three powerful torques 5Nm, 10Nm and 15Nm for dampers up to 3m2.

In addition, the actuators open and close the dampers with the same torque.

For instance, the RAF actuator opens the damper blade by motor from 0-90 degrees within 75-95 second at 5Nm and closes the damper mechanically in 25 seconds, also at 8Nm.

This level of performance ensures that fire protection dampers are closed especially quickly and reliably, thereby helping to keep escape routes free of smoke for as long as possible.


  • Three powerful torques for additional safety 5Nm, 10Nm and 15Nm

  • High reliability thanks to equal values for opening and closing

  • Fast, easy installation thanks to safe, easy-to-mount square shaft coupling












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