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  Updated: 13 Nov 2018


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AP Damper actuators are quickest into action
Labour accounts for a large and still increasing proportion of the cost of installing HVAC controls.

The unrivalled ease of installation of AP's
extensive new range of direct-coupled damper actuators is thus a benefit of major significance.

The time savings it permits can be considerable.

Covering the needs of a wide variety of
applications, the AP range comprises both spring return and non-spring return models.

The latter are available in torque ratings of 5,
10, 20 and 40 Nm, which can move dampers of up to approximately 8m2.

Each comes in floating, on/off and modulating control versions. So do the spring return models - which are supplied in two sizes, 10 and 20 Nm.

These are principally intended for use on air handlers with a fire or smoke control mode.

Installation is simplified and speeded by a combination of features.

Key among these are the actuator's wiring , rotation direction switch, de-clutch button and freely selectable mounting position.

The 20 and 34 Nm non-spring return models and both spring return types also have a self-centering shaft adaptor.

Easy to handle - and therefore to wire - it simply clips to the base of the actuator once wiring has been completed.

Electrical and mechanical installation are thus conveniently separated.




Potentially also very useful is the facility to change the actuator's direction of rotation simply by turning a switch.

For instance, if the wiring on a raise(open)/lower(close) damper control application were to be connected the wrong way round, the problem could be corrected merely by reversing the direction of motion, thereby avoiding the necessity to re-wire.

This same switch can also be set to isolate the actuator from the control signal.

Used in conjunction with the de-clutch button, this enables the controls to be overridden and the dampers manually adjusted - making it easier to test and commission the air handling system.

An adjustable clip-on switch pack allows for plant control interlocks and/or status feedback.

The unit incorporates two, independent changeover switches, which can be set to operate at any damper position.

For example, one could used to inhibit fan start-up until the damper has opened by a pre-set amount.

The unit also gives position indication.







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