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  Updated: 13 Nov 2018


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Revolutionary Software & Systems Solutions
Commitment to product development utilizing the latest open IT technologies.

AP with the goal of inventing a fully open, fully interoperable framework for control automation systems.


Open Internet based Systems (using the LONWORKS, Modbus and BACNET industry standards) for Commercial, Hospitality, and Industrial & Educational Buildings. Infocon's products are applied to HVAC (Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning) applications, building IT Systems, energy management and industrial process control systems.

Beyond mere connectivity of field devices, the goal was to marry the information infrastructure driven by the IT industry to the control networks of the building control and industrial control industries.


This revolutionary infrastructure is built upon fully open, widely distributed Internet standards and integrates the most common fieldbus standards for seamless device connection.

Software for all components of the AP systems is built upon Internet industry standards (JAVA, CORBA, HTML, XML) and is structured in a true object oriented fashion so that rapid incorporation of new software  "applets" (small pieces of relevant application software) could be adopted regardless of their development origin.


This is the model that has facilitated the rapid growth and adoption of the Internet into all facets of business today.

Further, we have structured our software products to be platform independent, allowing the hardware industry to effectively commodities the platforms and drive costs to the lowest

We believe this to be the future of information, application and control networks, and are dedicated to keeping our software products in the information technology mainstream.

E-mail: ewert@automatikprodukter.se     

Phone: +46(0)31-287202

Mobile: +46(0)708885298



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