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   Updated: 12 Sep 2018


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Multi-gas leak unit for toxic and combustible gases, refrigerants and oxygen.

  • Internal function monitoring with integrated hardware watchdog

  • Hardware and software according to SIL2 compliant development process

  • Easy sensor change or comfortable on-site calibration

  • Modular technology (plug-in and replaceable)

  • Reverse polarity protected, overload and short-circuit proof

  • 3 analog inputs (4-20 mA), 3 relays with changeover contact

  • Potential-free max. 250 Vac, 5A

  • Two transistor outputs, 24 Vdc; 0,1A (plus switching)

  • Serial RS 485 interface with protocol for CGD

  • Modbus protocol as an option

  • Display depending on type and multicolor power LED


  1. Status LED

  2. Display

  3. Menu navigation

  4. Warning module
    (Power LED with 3 colors, buzzer)

Gas Leak Unit up to 3 detectors


  1. Cable glands

  2. Sensor board housing IP 65

  3. Power supply 90 – 230 V, 24/12V Picture shows 230V

  4. Relays 230V/5A (max 3Stk.)

  5. Interface service tool / display

  6. Analog input 4-20 mA (max. 3 pcs.)Digital output 2x DC for horn/flashlight

  7. Warning module (power LED, buzzer)



Features and Benefits

  • Display

  • Direct adjustment

  • Direct connection to GLT via Modbus

  • Direct connection of 3 sensors and 2 warning devices

  • Setting of thresholds (variable) via jumper

  • Cost saving

  • Customer protection by PIN / digital signature

  • Tool ParkGard control center

Measuring, warning and controlling device for toxic, combustible and refrigerant gases and vapours.

The gas leak unit series CGA can monitor and manage up to 12 analog gas sensors (4 to 20 mA).

Five free adjustable alarm thresholds are provided per sensor.

For the alarm messages the controller offers up to 15 alarm relays with potential-free change-over contact and up to 6 analog outputs with 4 to 20 mA signal.


Gas Leak Unit up to 12 detectors




The freely adjustable parameters and set points enable a very flexible use in the gas measuring technique. Simple and comfortable commissioning, however, is granted by the configuration with default parameters.

Configuration, parameterization and operation are easy to do directly at the controller without special programming knowledge due to the logical, simple menu structure.

The CGA series is equipped with a self -monitoring system, with power failure message as well as with a functional control of the registered analog sensors according to the requirements of the gas measuring technique.

Different interface und protocol options are available for the connection to a superior BMS.

Features and benefits:

  • For up to 12 analog gas sensors (4 to 20mA)

  • Logical system menu

  • Five freely adjustable alarm thresholds per sensor

  • Six menu languages, selectable

  • Several alarm relays configurable per alarm

  • Alarm release by falling or increasing gas concentrations selectable

  • Max. 15 alarm relays with change-over contact, potential-free, max. 250Vac, 5 A

  • Fault relay with change-over contact, potential-free, max. 250Vac, 5 A

  • Maximum 6 analog outputs, 4 to 20mA

  • Integrated warning buzzer

In specifying gas monotoring plants  the following planning options are recommended:

2-10Vdc/4-20mA detectors or AP:s bus detectors, if power supply and signal reception for these can be arranged, or systems with detectors for central instruments, or completely independent detectors without instruments that provide a relay signal in cases of alarm.

Each detector is supplied with data to interpret the analog output signal it produces.

All types of analog sensors and AP:s bus detectors and 96 bus detectors not only for gas can be used on central instruments.

Each detector generates two alarm levels in the central instrument, one for control purposes (flashlight), the other for emergency purposes (gas alarm sign).

Each detector is reported separately on the central´s display.

Each detector's alarm levels, give control options which to a large extent can be customized.

Normally each sensor provides its own relay signal at level 1 (flashlight) and level 2 (gas alarm sign).

Level 2 can also often be designed with a condition so that a minimum number of detectors´ Level 2 alarms, is required before the relay is activated.

The relays also have a built-in time delay.

Time delay can also be customized.

Each Gas Controller has at least one measured data per gas type so that before entering the monitored space, the staff can see the detector readings.

The Gas Controllers are equipped with self-diagnostics that can alert errors in the plant:

  • Detector errors

  • Line Breaks

  • Instrument errors

  • Time for exchange of sensor elements

Alerts are given even for inadequate AC power or battery back-ups.

The Gas Controlles have the following  system functions

  • Easy operation with six menu buttons

  • Password protected in two levels

  • User Level 1

  • Service technicians level2

  • Individual identification of each zone / sensors

  • Self Diagnosis

  • Sensor error

  • Wiring eror

  • Instrument error

  • Reads both current and average values (10 values measured during the time span) in the display.

  • Can supervise 2-64 zones

  • Service Function 60 minutes

  • External alarm blocked

  • Resets automatically

  • Display information that service of the the system is necessary

  • The display shows phone number to the service technician when service date is exceeded

  • Choice of different types of gas

  • The last 15 error alarms marked with date and time

  • Log of recent arms

  • Current alarm displayed in text

  • 5 alarm levels per detector

  • Output alarm relay can be set with time delay

  • Alarm memory showing the last 5 alarms

  • Manual control of output relay functions possible

  • Programming for the flash function for gas alarm sign

  • External relay control

  • Operation Mode = Evaluation of alarms from current are average values

  • Time delay at start

  • Check and configuration lists

Gas Leak Unit for 4 measuring points








Recessed Gas Leak Unit for 4 measuring
points and 96 analog bus detectors





Gas Leak Unit CGD for measuring points
and 96 analog bus detectors





Gas Leak Unit for 96 measuring points,
bus and 30 analog detectors






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