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    Updated: 10 May 2020


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4-20 Milliamp Output, Ultra-Long Cable Lengths

The SAM 4-20 milliamp sensor is the first current-based sensor to use 70 MHz technology. This sensor offers a standard 4-20 milliamp output that is common with PLCs and irrigation controllers.  With the 4-20 mA interface, cable lengths over 250 feet are possible.










Research Grade Accuracy
Like other soil moisture sensors, the SAM measures soil moisture accurately without the sensitivity to electrical conductivity and variation in soil types that have plagued inexpensive sensors in the past.

The SAM delivers research-grade accuracy at a price that makes large sensor networks economically practical. You can adequately characterize your site with sensors at multiple depths and locations, even if you're on a tight budget. And the SAM's ultra-long cable lengths give you even more flexibility to put your sensors where you want them.

Engineered for Accuracy
The SAM-01 determines volumetric water content (VWC ) by measuring the dielectric constant of the media using capacitance/frequency domain technology. The sensor uses a 70 MHz frequency, which minimizes salinity and textural effects, making the SAM accurate in almost any soil or soil-less media. Factory calibrations are included for mineral soils, potting soils, and rockwool.


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