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    Updated: 10 May 2020


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Overview of Space and Flush sensors


The Temperature Space and Flush Sensors marks a significant breakthrough in HVAC control peripherials.




The sensors are the only products of their type on the market to integrate proven temperature measurement technology with a strong aesthetic appeal.

The result is complete sensitivity to the requirements of both building services engineering and commercial interior design.




Designed to be wall- or flush-mounted in the space, the sensors provide reliable and accurate temperature information to a building´s HVAC control system.

But unlike traditional space and Flush sensors, they can be supplied in any required housing colour to create a perfect match with any room environment.




The flush sensors can be installed in combination to match light switches, plug outlets or other suface devices of Busch-Jaeger, Berker, Feller, Gira, Legrand, Merten, Niko or Jung.

The sensors also available in an extensive choice of user interface options and provide wide compatibility with all major BEMS systems.

This ensures that Space and Flush sensors represent an excellent fit for a diversity of engineering specifications.





AP - your highly versatile and incredibly discreet temperature sensing solution.

Blend with any interior environment.

The sensors have capability to be virtually invisible to the naked eye.

Simply tell us your choice of housing colour and we will do the rest.




More choice .... better sense

Reowned for the accuracy and reliability of their sensors, AP have introduced added benefits to the Space and Flush range with an unrivalled choice of application-specific, user inteface options.

  • Incorporate either high quality thermistor, or Nickel or Platinum sensing element for good thermal response.

  • 3 -and 4-wire as option

  • Suitable for use within the temperature range -30 to +90° C if space and -30 to +60° C for Flush

  • Wide range of user adjustments options including stoppers for the setpoint

  • Potentiometer for local setpoint adjustment (different ohms of the knob available)

  • 3,4 or 5 position switch for fan control (0, Auto, I, II, III), max 130 mA

  • Standard green, optional red, yellow or two colour LEDs 24Vdc for occupancy status indication or alarms

  • Latching Pushbutton Normally-open contact 24V, max 35 mA

  • LCD Readout of Local Temperature

  • Pushbutton for Occupancy Override

  • Active transmitters 0-10Vdc, 0 . . . +50° C as standard, others range on request e.g.
    -50 . . . +50° C

  • Power Supply 24Vdc for the Active Transmitters and the Display

  • Stainless steel enclosure optional

  • Flush enclosure Busch-Jaeger Rettex Si  as standard (other switch brands, colours on request)

  • Flush standard colour alpine white (similar RAL9010).

  • Special printing of letters, number scales on request




AP sensors are CE compliant and meet the requirements of the latest relevant
European standards.

AP markets a fully comprehensive range of control and enviromental products for building control applications.




E-mail: lars@fjellcom.se     

Phone: +46(0)31-287202

Mobile: +46(0)706-755561



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