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 Updated: 10 May 2020


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The focus of our Greenhouse is the optimisation of environmental conditions for better plant growth.

This includes regulating temperature and ventilation, as well as control of irrigation, air flow, artificial light, shading, and protection from external weather conditions.

All AP equipment is part of a modular system that covers every relevant aspect of greenhouse automation, offering a precise control of greenhouse microclimate.

Irrigation and fertilisation parameters can also be adjusted for optimum results.

  • Single-function controllers

  • Compact controllers

  • Climate control computers

  • Weather data computer

  • Wind measurement

  • Indoor sensors

  • Outdoor sensors

  • Lightning/overvoltage protection

Compact Weather Station for Greenhouse

The current weather data is required wherever AP greenhouse regulation technology is used. Usually, this data includes at least the current wind speed, lighting conditions, and information on whether it is raining. The compact weather station has been developed for this standard application. The station may also be retrofitted with a wind direction sensor and a type temperature sensor.

Functional description
The standard sensors for greenhouse automation are already installed in this compact weather station and connected to the terminal box. On site, connecting to the AP controllers is all that is required. This compact weather station also facilitates on-site installation. Simply install the unit to the weather mast. If special applications also require the measurement of wind direction and/or outdoor temperature, the relevant sensors can be retrofitted easily. A pre-wired connection plug is already provided for a wind direction sensor, while connection terminals are provided in the connection box for the outside temperature sensor. A lightning rod is included to be mounted at the final assembly to support on-site lightning protection.


Rain Detector 230 V c/w Light Detection

The Detector detects precipitation such as rain or snow within seconds and sends a message by means of a potential-free relay contact

This switching output may be forwarded to, for instance, ventilation or shading systems in automated greenhouses or buildings.

Sensitivity settings are not required.

It detects even light drizzle, without giving a false rain signal in case of light dew.









If the plate resistance drops below the adjustable sensitivity setting, the built-in relay immediately drops out.

At the same time the integrated sensor heat-ing switches on.

When the sur-face has dried off sufficiently (resistance drops below set value plus hysteresis) the automatic reset delay time starts.

This reset time is regulated by an incorporated light sensor which provides for an optimal adjustment to the current weather situation.

The reset time is increased from approx. 5 min. to up to 60 min. by darkness or by spell of bad weather.

This helps to avoid on the one hand unde-sireable temperature increases in a glass house or on the otherhand e.g. to high switching frequencies of the flap actuating motors.

From the moment when the reset time starts, up to the moment when the sensor signals "rain again", the sensor heating switches back to approx. 25% of its total value.

This heating beforehand serves to avoid a rain signal during e.g. fog or dew.


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