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  Updated: 10 May 2020


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Marks & Spencer, London mount easily cleaned smoke detectors

The well-known department store aims at reducing maintenance costs by reading from a central point the condition of the duct smoke detectors.

Detecting fire smoke directly in the ventilation duct.

A duct smoke detector called TDD (True Duct Smoke Detector) from AP, can detect smoke very early in the difficult environment in a duct without giving false alarm.
The TDD is an optical obscuration detector, working inside the ventilation duct.
The sensor section covers to the greatest extent possible of the whole the duct.
A light beam is transmitted from a transmitter to a receiver and if smoke enters the duct the beam is obscured and an alarm sounds.
The TDD-detector has an adjustable level of sensitivity for different environments, which can be found in a duct.
Thus with TDD, early detection is made possible.
But how to cope with false alarm problems?
Does not the TDD get dirty and is there not much wind around the detector?
Since pollution is very slow compared to obscuration in case of fire two different time constants are used for detection. Smoke detection is measured several times per second and pollution is measured every two hours.



Pull out the probe for fast and effective cleaning. No authorization before cleaning (ionic). The obscuration principle of  infrared smoke detection gives LCC-advantages. You can read the pollution rate directly on your monitor or web.

In the case of pollution one measures the received light effect and compares this result with the result two hours back.
If the received effect has fallen the detector automatically raises the outgoing light effect so much, that the received effect always remains at alarm level.
The relationship between alarm levels is always stable and the detector has the sensitivity, it is set up for.

The outgoing light effect can be increased continuously and during the entire compensation process you can read optically to determine the detector´s compensation step.

The TDD can be cleaned by the regular operating staff without much previous knowledge of the system.

The TDD is designed to be connected to all alarm and control systems on the market, both digital and analogue.
An alarm output for smoke warning and a service alarm output are standard features.

Honeywell i30 compatible with room automation MPC. Installed at ICA

After tests with the MPC, ICA now installs room automation for optimal indoor climate. The MPC is open for integration according to the Modbus interface and allows cost-effective solutions. More room flexibility with the MPC after premises use/change

The requirements for flexible use of offices and facilities is growing.
With the MPC, you can quickly and easily make changes in the use of space thanks to its openness and flexibility.

The MPC is a low-cost solution for chilled beams, radiators VAV with user-friendly service combined and housed in a single unit.

Low installation costs for the Fan-Coil

Ask for your datasheets on the MPC, which covers everything from small simple stand-alone rooms/buildings to large networked buildings.




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