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Cl2 Chlorine
Chlorine has a strong fragrance and is a corrosive greenish-yellow gas.

The gas is used, among other purposes, for the purification of water and in the chemical industry.

Chlorine is easily absorbed by most materials, which may make respitory systems inappropriate in terms of chlorine detection.

For calibration purposes, glass vials are to be preferred.

Chlorine is irritating to eyes and mucous membranes.

Odour threshold is of 0.02 ppm

Level limit value (Long-term Exposure Limit) = 0.5 ppm (flashlight)

Maximum value (Short Term Exposure Limit) = 1.5 ppm (gas alarm sign)

Alarm is set at these levels with level limit value as the first alarm threshold and the maximum value as the second alarm limit.

Severe damages can occur when the concentration begins to move close to 100 ppm, although the exposure time is relatively short.

Concentrations only slightly higher can be directly fatal.

It is important to know that the symptoms may come much later.

Therefore it is important to seek medical attention immediately after having inhaled chlorine.

Sensor Placement
Chlorine is a heavy gas, ie. it has a higher density than air.

This means that the detectors in most cases should be positioned low and at the likely leakage points.

The gas can accumulate in low-lying areas where therefore high concentrations can occur.

Fire Hazards
Chlorine supports, like oxygen, combustion and can react violently with certain substances.

With other substances it can form explosive gases, such as with hydrogen.

Chlorine is a heavy greenish/yellow gas which is highly toxic.

Chlorine smells like a swimming pool and in the household it is used in detergents.
The smell is unmistakable.

Chlorine is highly toxic and attacks the mucous membranes and respiratory tract.

You can smell it long before it reaches dangerous levels.


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