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    Updated: 13 Nov 2018


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Six Stage Relay Module
The MRM 6 converts a 0-10Vdc or 2-10Vdc analogue input into a 6 relay output.

The outputs can also be reversed.

The MRM 6 can be configured for 9 modes of operation:

  1. Stage

  2. Sequence

  3. Power on Stage

  4. Power on Sequence

  5. Binary

  6. Circular Sequence

  7. Raise/Lower

  8. Cascaded Stage

  9. Cascaded Sequence

In addition the MRM 6A can be set, via the jumper links to work with a suitably configured MRM 4 to form a 10 Stage Unit, switching in 1 volt steps.

On/Off/Auto jumpers are provided as an aid for commisioning and LEDís indicate the relay status.

Reaction time is adjustable via potentiometer.











8 Stage Relay Module
Intended for use with DDC controllers to convert an analogue control output to 8 relay outputs.

Link selection of operating mode enables the module to act either as 8 stages of switching, as an 8 output sequencer, or in combination of two modes.

Application include boiler sequencing, boiler staging and compressor sequencing.

LED status indication and On/Off/Auto override links ease commissioning.

The unit can be powered by 24Vac/dc.




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