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 Updated: 3 Oct 2019



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Save energy with zone controllers.

Individual control of room reduces running costs and provides optimal levels of comfort and functionality.

A building's energy consumption and energy costs depend upon the amount of energy needed and used in each room.

Factors such as temperature, humidity and brightness are also decisive for the comfort and well-being of occupants.

Intelligent Zone Solutions is the best way of ensuring both efficiency and the highest levels of comfort.

Zone Solutions enables heating, ventilation, cooling, lighting and shading to be optimally coordinated according to needs.

The coordination requires a common communication platform and each system component needs to be able to exchange, understand and intelligently process and translate information.

This is exactly what the MODBUS based solution from AP achieves.

  • MPC Zone Controller monitors room conditions such as temperature, humidity and brightness and controls them according to the user's wishes.

  • Upon entering a room, the user finds exactly the conditions they want.

  • If needed, they can make individual adjustments.

  • When the room is not being used, heating, ventilation and lighting are automatically turned off to save energy.

  • No energy is wasted.









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The MPC technology is seamlessly integrated into any kind of the building automation system.

At field level, data is collected and processed from each room.

This data forms the basis for controlling the central building automation systems.

The data from each room is made available at the management level.

Here, software modules offer further optimization possibilities such as the generation and analysis of trend curves, the avoidance of energy peaks or the use of scheduling programs.

With the MODBUS based system, AP offers an integrated solution that meets all the requirements of room automation in a simple, reliable and effective manner.

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